Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013

     This blog contains the journal and letters to home that Elder Trevor Strong wrote. They are taken directly form his journal. He began his journal when he was 13 years old and made a few entries before his mission. Unknown to me, he took this journal with him as his mission journal. To save space, he wrote two lines per space. I spent many hours typing and printing his entries. It has been a choice experience getting a peek into the life of my missionary son. My hope is that all who read it may also get to know this fine young man. I would hope that no one would take offence at anything written. I am sure that he did not intend that the whole world would be able to read his words. Hopefully, you will enjoy my son's writings as I have. Feel free to leave comments.

Gordon D.Strong


  1. Thanks for posting this, Gordon. I am reading his journal entries and enjoying them very much. Thanks for going to so much work to make these available. Love you!

  2. Thanks for helping us remember Trevor better.