Wednesday, October 2, 2013


   Hoy es Ano Nuevo Eve! Today was a good dia. Primero we went contacting and I think it went well. Luego we went to the business en Elsa. While there we were blessed to be able to do some service and clean some for a man. Luego we taught a lesson a una mujer. She seemed very humble and receptive. We will teach her otra vez en Sabado. Next tenemos mas lecciones. After we got listo por cena a la familia de Rodriguez Tenemos tamales that were muy bien. That familia es muy divertido y amable. She gave us mas comida (tamales) por manana y that is bueno porque tengo no comida. Es pequeno mapanas como que that El Senor bendice sus missioneros. We also set a baptismal date for a lady who has a fear of going to Church. But I know the Lord can help her overcome. I love the power of the priesthood.

TRANSLATION: Today is New Year’s Eve. Today was a good day. First we went contacting and I think it went well. Later we went to the business in Elsa. While there we were blessed to be able to do some service and clean some for a man. After that we taught a lesson to a lady. She seemed very humble and receptive. We will teach her again this Saturday. Next, we had more lessons. After that we got ready for dinner at the Rodriguez family. We had tamales that were very good. The family is very funny and friendly. She gave us more food (tamales) for tomorrow and that is great because we have no food. It is a small example of how the Lord blesses His missionaries. We also set a baptismal date for a lady who has a fear of going to Church. But I know the Lord can help her overcome. I love the power of the priesthood.


   Feliz Nuevo Ano! Hoy fue weekly planning session. We decided to look at the Area Book and try to fix it. We managed to get it more organized and updated. We also fixed the whiteboard and got more organized that way. Weekly planning session went a little long, though. We didn’t get out of the house until 4:00. I cleaned up the place a little and did some vacuuming. It looks better now. Next we had some appointment fall through, so we just went contacting on Crack Corner again. We ran into a man building a gazebo and we set up an appointment with him that looks to be promising. Next, Brother V and us went and taught a lesson to the Gutierez Family. I thought it went really well besides the fact that I can’t understand very well. Next we ate at a member’s house some authentic quesadillas. They were delicious. I love Mexican food. Tomorrow is our appointment with the Madrigals & Melissa. I am really excited because if she reads, I know she will come to Church. If she comes to Church, I know she will get baptized. It is a lot, but really exciting.


   Wow! It has been awhile! Pues, since the last time I wrote a lot has happened that I can’t even remember. We haven’t been able to get in touch with Melissa Madrigal, so I’m not sure about her reading & progression. We did visit Julie Quintana and her sister. Julie told us she wanted to start coming to Church again. It was really good news & she seems really promising. I feel the Spirit has really blessed us this last week in finding some great potentials & new investigators. The Lord also helped us out yesterday in a big way. So we were just leaving our apartment to start working. I had just licked the door and shut it when Elder Pinedo said he left his keys to the house and the car in the apartment. So we went to the back door and tried to break in, but we saw there was a deadbolt. So we went back to the front door and started using a card to try and get in. We continued trying for about 20 minutes, but couldn’t get it. The card got stuck in the door so Elder Pinedo went to take it out when the door just opened right up! It was truly God helping us at that moment. It was a cool experience to see to strengthen my testimony more. It made me realize that in tough situations like that, where it seems like we are helpless, if we ask the Lord for help & we really try our best, He will bless us. Now I know I need to pray more for things like that now. Where should we go? Who should we visit? All we need to do is simply ask the Lord these questions if we have tried our best & we will receive the inspiration we need. I love this gospel & am thankful to be here on a mission.



   Today was a really good day. We went up to Elsa, and we had a lot of appointments. First, we taught a man named Hector Garcia. He is a new investigator and seemed really interested. He spoke English, so I had a chance to teach about half of the lesson & I think it turned out really well. We invited him to come to Church tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes. We also taught Jesus Porales at McDonald’s. He actually seems very promising. He also spoke English, so I got to teach a lot. It went well so we’ll see how he is doing next Saturday. The Lord blessed us with a really busy day & gave us the Spirit to make it a successful day. Also I had menudo again yesterday & it is still no bueno. But this time I almost finished it. I’m excited for tomorrow to see who comes to Church.


   Today was a really good day, well average day. It was a Friday so we had weekly planning. We got more organized. Yesterday I went on splits with Elder Robinette. I learned mucho de el. We talked about the mission so far & my situation with Elder Pinedo. He gave me more advice and encouragement, so now I know I need to step up and be accountable. Today it didn’t work out so well, so tomorrow will be when it begins. I know the Lord put us together for a reason & we can definitely help us both out. I can already see what I need to do better & now I need to be accountable.


   It has been awhile. We finally have a baptismal date with Julie Quintana for the 14th of Feb. It is awesome because she really wants to learn, and she came to Church last week, which was cool. She is understanding everything. Today while contacting we met a Baptist woman named Yvonne who really wants to bash with us. We have an appointment with her tomorrow & I am going to pray for the Spirit a lot so it doesn’t turn into a bashing but a learning/lesson. If she can feel the Spirit, then that is the best we can do, then it is up to her to act on it. We also have BD’s with the Gutierez girls for the same date. They just need to start coming to Church because they understand a lot of what we teach & they are super smart.


   Today we had weekly planning on a Thursday because we have interviews tomorrow. It will be my first interview with Pres. Miller. We didn’t end up bashing today because they canceled, but they still want to meet with us, which is cool. We got fed mucho hoy. Hermana something in El Campito fed us a ton of tacos. I had 13 or 14 of them. They were delicious! But I was super full. After, we had another dinner appointment at Hermano Campos’ house. We had meat and cheesy spaghetti. I ate the whole plate, but my stomach hurt so much after. I love getting fed all this greasy, fattening food so hopefully I’ll gain weight. We missed an appointment with Julie, and I felt really bad. We called her and she said she had read & had questions. She is progressing well. It’s exciting. We will see her on Saturday & follow up.


 Today was a good day. But first I want to talk about yesterday. We had interviews and it was my first one. President Miller said some things that helped me out. He said to pray and ask how I can be a better companion. He knew we were having trouble with unity & I was thinking Elder Pinedo was the problem, but didn’t realize I wasn’t doing my part either. Another thing he said was when he was looking over my profile before I came in, he felt a really good feeling & knew I was special & wasn’t going to have any problems. It was a good boost of confidence. So today we decided to visit Hector Garcia who we hadn’t seen in like two weeks. His whole family was there and were extremely nice. We taught the restoration again & the Spirit was strong. We spoke in English and the mother (Maria) only speaks Spanish. She listened to the whole lesson & after said she felt the Spirit really strong even though she didn’t understand what we were saying. That was one of the coolest things I have heard. That family is really promising & I’m excited to teach them again.


   Julie said she was coming to Church today, but didn’t. We called her a million times & she didn’t answer. It is really frustrating, but she is still good for her baptismal date. It is crazy, today Elder Mattewsek was talking to me today about my companion & he basically said the same things I have heard from Elder Robinette & President Miller. The Lord is definitely trying to tell me something & I shouldn’t put it off any more. Elder Matthewsek gave me really good advice & said something that President Miller told him. He said “Silence is acceptance.” That is exactly what I have done & I am starting to accept some of the things I know are wrong. I will pray tonight & ask for the words to say & talk with Elder Pinedo tomorrow about everything. I know if the Lord is with me, we can work it all out and better fulfill our purpose


   Today was a good day. First we had District Meeting where I gave my first training on patience. I went well. It was our last District Meeting on the transfer. It’s crazy because this transfer has flown by. We went out to eat at El Pato. Then we went to the Nara family & taught them. I taught more of the lesson in Spanish than ever before. Alfredo Nara told us all the ways the Lord has blessed him & and how much he has changed. It is cool because he really likes us coming over and stuff.



Dear Dad,

   This is just a quick little hello from me. How is everything going? I have a cool experience to tell l you but I don't have time now so I'll tell you next week. Hope all is well and you are in my prayers too.

Elder Strong


Dear Mom and Dad,

    Texas is awesome! It is really fun. The experience was last week we had a lesson with a family. All of them spoke English but the grandma who only speaks Spanish. So we just taught in English and the spirit was really strong. After the lesson the grandma said in Spanish that at first she didn't want to listen to us but she said she felt the spirit of God and stayed even though she didn't understand what we were saying. It was really cool. Another experience was this week we got a call from one of the members that her mother in law who is not a member died during surgery and saw a vision of two people giving her water and when they gave her the water she came back to life. It was really cool because she knew that the vision meant something but she just didn't know exactly. So we went over to her house and right when we walked in she said there was this light about us. And the two people in the vision who had given her the water (or gospel) one was tall and skinny and the other was short. So she figured out what the vision was and she was super excited. Everything is starting to make sense in her life and she wants to be baptized. It is really cool.

   Also we had a baptismal interview with a girl who wants to be baptized next week. It is really exciting because she wants me to baptize her! But yesterday she didn't come to church because her dad wouldn't let her so we have to find out what is going on tonight so I'll let you know next week how it goes.

   Our stake still has basketball? Is it organized games or pickup games? That is weird they just need you to watch the games. I bet you would like to suit up and play huh?
Wow sounds like the Jazz and the Cougars are doing really well. That is awesome.
That is no bueno that the store closed down. Mom will be in my prayers and I know she will find a job soon. Just need to pray and have faith. That is what we teach the investigators here but I think all members need to remember to not just pray just to pray but if you have faith the Lord will bless you. Well today is the end of my first transfer and we find out tonight if we get transferred or not so I'll let you know next week if I do. Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Elder Strong

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