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Brownsville District

May 4, 2010

   Today was transfer day and our District didn’t change very much. The first half of our day was very uneventful. We had appointments, but they all fell through. So I decided to get all my stuff ready for Mother’s Day. I filled a box full of ties, a card for Mom, and my memory card. We did have a few good lessons today. We taught Norma and Belinda the Law of Chastity. Norma is super ready to be baptized. We also sang a hymn, which I thought was really awkward, but the Spirit was definitely there and Norma even cried, so it was pretty cool. Next we went to this referral from a member. She seemed really excited to see us. When we talked with her she said she was trying to start a new church and wanted our help in getting chairs and learning piano. It was funny! Next time we are going to teach the Restoration and hopefully set her straight.



May 6, 2010

   Today was a really good day. We got to teach some really good lessons with good investigators and also find some good people too. We taught Frank & he is doing a great job understanding the Gospel & wants to learn more. We also met with Maria Garda and taught her and she’s super cool. Next we went to Norma & Belinda and had a great member present with them. Next we visited Angie & things were looking really good. It looked like Angie was kicking Steven out so that is really good news for us. We have seen a lot of blessings with our investigators lately and it really cool to see the Lord answer our prayers.


May 7, 2010

   Today we found out some really good news. Angie did kick Steven out and they are no longer dating! It is definitely an answer to our prayers. We explained to her that he was bringing her down and stealing her Light of Christ. Now she is super excited to have us come over again because she noticed a big change in her life. Now she seems happy and ready to move on. We are going to set another BD with her for next Sunday & we are super excited. I love the blessings that come from missionary work!


May 9, 2010

   Today is Mother’s Day& I got to call home for the first time on my mission. It was awesome talking to everyone and it made me miss home a little bit. Tomorrow Elder Martinez is going to call his family because in Mexico, Mother’s Day is always on the 10th of May. I’m glad that everything is going well with my family and I know the Lord has blessed them a lot & I am very thankful for it.


May 17, 2010

Hola Padres!

Como estan? I'm just writing to let you know I am ok any everything is good here for me. We should be getting a few baptisms this week that we are excited about.

te amo de tu hijo

Elder Strong

May 18, 2010

   Well everything with Angie is crazy as usual. Angie is still working with Steven & it seems like they are probably back together. We set another baptismal date with her but everything went crazy. Steven is arguing with all the missionaries about the fact that we only have one prophet today. Him and I have gotten into a few discussions about it but he just doesn’t understand. We found out that Angie had never read the Book of Mormon & her mom put some doubts in her so she couldn’t be baptized. Also we had the interview for Norma & Belinda & found out they both just needed a little more time to be ready for baptism. They are still really cool and will get baptized in a few weeks. We finally started talking to Alex Benitez & he’s really cool. We already set a date with him & he went to Church last week, so he is doing really well. Today it rained super hard. I’ve never seen it so bad in my life. It was really cool.

May 24, 2010

Dear Parents

That is really cool Scott will get to go back so soon. Everything here has been really good. It rained super hard here on Tuesday it was like a hurricane. It is hurricane season in like a week so I am pretty excited for that. It is still really hot though. 90 about every day.

We had zone conference this week and it was really good. I got a tie for passing off a scripture challenge. It is weird because this is Pres. and Sis. Miller's last zone conference before Pres. Trainer comes. I'm going to miss them because they are really cool but I am sure Pres. Trainer will be cool too. This week was a really slow week but I'm sure it will pick up. We are struggling with some of our investigators but we are finding some really cool people too. At Zone conference my comp gave his departing testimony so next transfer should have a lot of new things happen. Glad to hear everything is going good at home. I'll talk to you next week.

Love Elder Strong

June 1, 2010

Dear Parents

You are still getting snow!? That is crazy! I have heard very little reactions from the oil spill, just that they hope it doesn't get too close to us because a lot of people here fish for a living. I will get a new companion in two weeks when Martinez goes home. Also in my apartment is another elder leaving so we will have two new people in the apartment in two weeks and we are excited to see who it will be. It is funny about that tie, last week I found the exact same one so we both have the same tie haha. Last week there was a tarantula in the branch building during English class so the pres. and I caught it and released it into a field. It was in the lights and it was huge! Thank you for all your prayers and have a good week.

Love Elder Strong
June 6, 2010

   Well Alex was baptized today by E. Martinez. It was awesome. His whole family came and it was an awesome baptism. And we had 6 people today at Church. We still haven’t talked to Angie this whole time. Martinez is going home in one week so it has gone by super fast. We have gotten in a lot of arguments, but we are still good friends

Elder Martinez, Alex Benitez, Elder Strong, Elder Phillips

June 7, 2010

Dear Parents

Well mom you were just in time, I got your letter while I was writing the mission pres. That is crazy that Davis and Holly are having another kid! That is really cool! It’s going to be cool to come to new members of the family. Wow sounds like good things are happening for McKell. Do you think she is going to get married soon? Haha. Aw dumpster day I am so sad that I have to miss it!

Yeah it is super hot here. I am always drenched in sweat all day. Especially yesterday and Saturday were really hot, like 97 with the humidity. It still isn't the hottest it gets so when August comes around it should be lots of fun. To stay cool we either go to a member’s house but we rarely do that. Mostly we just go to the car and walk around somewhere else. I've already have gotten pretty used to being hot and sweaty. Yeah I am still in Brownsville. Next week is transfers but I most likely will not go anywhere because my comp goes home so I'll be here at least two or three more transfers.

That kinda sucks about work. Sometimes the Lord gives us opportunities that we don't expect or even want but if its hours or a full time job we need, we should take what the Lord gives us. The Lord will always bless us if we have faith and part of faith is blindly taking the next step. So trust in the Lord and you will receive blessings

We had a baptism this week and it was really cool. I'll have to send pictures

Have a great week and I love you very much!

Elder Strong

Elder Strong, Norma, Elder Martinez

June 14, 2010

   Elder Martinez leaves on Tuesday.

June 14, 2010

Dear Parents

Thing are going great here. We had another baptism this last week just before my companion goes home. I'm very excited and nervous about getting a new companion. It is definitely really hot here. We went over our miles and had to have walking days in our area. We got two of them over with this week and it seemed like they were on the hottest days. So we walked in the heat from like 2 to 9pm. I have never sweat so much in my life! I am really glad I have a car and don't have to ride bikes. Wow it is June and only in the 60's? What is going on over there?

That is awesome that mom found a job. The Lord is blessing you guys a lot. And now mom is the cubmaster. That is really cool. About the sea food, yes there is some but not mucho. They have a lot of sea food buffets but when we go, I stay away from it. I did have tilapia and I like that a lot. There are 22 missionaries in Brownsville. We just took a picture with all of them today so I'll have to send that to you guys. We have zone conference once a month\transfer. It is usually the second or third week of the transfer.

I am so happy that the Lord is blessing you and the family. Thanks for all your prayers


Elder Strong

Brownsville Missionaries

June 21, 2010

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!
Sorry a little late. My new comp is E. Guillen from Highland UT and he doesn't live too far from grandma. Things are going great here. Hope everything is well there
Love you    Elder Strong


Elder Strong & Elder Guillen

Elder Strong Receiving Plaque from Pres. Miller

June 26, 2010
   Well Elder Martinez is gone and has been for about two weeks. My new comp is E. Guillen. He is a crazy, but funny kid. He started his mission in Washington, actually in the same mission as Scott Gifford. We get along really well on non-spiritual matters. We have watched all the same shows & listen to the same music, so that has been fun. Since I wrote last Norma was baptized on the 13th and has been doing great. We have been riding bikes this last week and it has been fun, but extremely hot. Frank’s mom accepted a BD and came to Church last week. The World Cup is going on right now & I want to just watch it all day, but can’t. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it, so that is good enough for me. Things are going great here & I’m happy to be a missionary.
June 28, 2010
Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!
I didn't write it last week because I didn't get an e-mail from you so sorry!
Sounds like the party went well. That is great the Motteshards came. That is no good about Jeff. When does he find out if he has surgery or not? When did he move from Bernie's?
So last night I was at a member's house (their name is the Wilson's) Sister Wilson's brother was in town to help them move to Utah and it turns out he knows our cousin Will from BYU. Sister Wilson also got mine and my comp's number and she is going to call you to tell you how I've been doing. Just a little head's up.
Mom that is great to hear that is work is going well. How is your calling as Cubmaster?
I was actually going to send some ties home at the first of the month so you can use those if they get there on time or just use the other ones. No me importa.
My new comp is E. Guillen. He is originally from El Salvador but now he lives in Utah. He lives really close to Grandma Strong. Instead of turning left on to Alpine highway, you turn right and it’s a neighborhood right off there. He started his mission in Washington State and he actually knows Scott Gifford. He got sick then came here. He is senior and he only has 1 or 2 more transfers left after this one. Do you think you could get me the Gifford's address? That would be great.
Thanks again for everything and I am glad all is well at home.
Love Elder Strong

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