Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Elder Strong & Elder Driesel


Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for the package! Thanks for sending me my camera and all that food! I can't wait to eat the applesauce. Last week was transfers and I got transferred to Donna which is right next to my old area. My comp got transferred to Brownsville. Now sisters are in my old area. It is cool though I am still in the same ward and on Sunday I got the opportunity to baptize one of my old investigators. It was awesome I did it in Spanish and everything.
So Scott has a cyst in his tailbone? How did that happen? Hopefully he won't get delayed too long. It would be torcher to be in the MTC longer than 9 weeks. That is cool about Pres. DeLaMare! The weather is really bipolar. One day it will be 75 the next raining and 55. 55 down here is like 30 in Salt Lake because of the humidity. The closest temple is in San Antonio but there are talks of a temple in the valley. They call southern Texas a valley it doesn't make sense. Before in my last area, we had lots of members who would feed us but not so much in Donna so we just make quesadillas and stuff. Sometimes we'll eat at a taqueria or MacDonald’s. Our wards have like 60 people in each. That is a guess I really have no idea. On P day we just play sports like basketball because there aren't any special sights or anything around here.
Hope I answered all your questions. I love you   Elder Strong



   A lot has happened since the last time I wrote in here. The 9th was transfers and I was not expecting to get transferred, but when I got the call on Monday, both of us got transferred. Elder Pinedo is now in Brownsville, and I am now in Donna. It’s cool because I’m still in the same ward. And I already know my companion, Elder Driesel. We now have a car, but sometimes bike. We have a few solid investigators like Angelita Vickors. She is super ready to be baptized. Her testimony is super strong. The only problem is that she smokes & drinks coffee. Jorge is coming to Church tomorrow. He is this 600 lb. guy who is getting baptized on the 27th (cross my fingers). Sisters are now in Weslaco North and they got the Gutierez girls ready for their baptisms tomorrow. Astrid wants me to baptize her, so that is really cool. My first baptism! But it will be in Spanish, so I’ve been trying to memorize the baptism prayer. Julie is not going to be baptized this week, but hopefully in a couple of weeks. She has kind of been ducking the Sisters.

Elder Strong, Astrid Gutierrez, Astrid's Sister, Elder Valdez


   Yesterday we had an amazing day. We only had 2 set appointments & we were planning on contacting the rest of the day. First we went to Amelia St. & found a new investigator, then to Jorge and Alicia’s. After we went to a few potentials & a new investigator, but no one had time or weren’t there, so we went contacting on a street near there. We didn’t find great success until the Rodriquez family called and cancelled. Right after we found another new investigator & a guy who wanted us to come back at 8:00, which is an answer to our prayers. Then we got a prompting to visit Ruben & we had a great lesson with him. Then we went to the 8:00 appointment and taught a great new family. It was an awesome day. But today was the exact opposite. Every one of our appointments fell through. It was rainy and cold. We got 0 new investigators & we only had one lesson all day. It was definitely humbling.

Elder Strong, Unknown, & Elder Driesel

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