Wednesday, October 2, 2013


   Well yesterday was crazy I had to move into another room. I was in the other District in our Zone but it was only for a day. I went to go get a new key for that room and the ladies in the office and they told me to stay in that same room I was in before. So I had to move all my stuff again. But now I am with my companions so it is so much better. I met an Elder Stone today who knew Ashley from school and lived in Snow with them. Really cool! He was in the room I moved into for a day. It was crazy. The MTC is still really awesome and I finally got some mail or just E-Mail. It’s good to hear from everyone.



   Today was long but that is because we had gym in the early morning. It is so much better to have my companions in the same room as me. We taught our first kind of real lesson in the T.E. together. It went pretty well but there is still things we need to work on like listening to the Spirit. Teaching in a threesome is more fun I think because they hear three different testimonies so it’s awesome. We get our real test tomorrow in the TRC.



   Today we did our second TRC It was very humbling. We have to work on some things, but it went pretty well. We really just need to listen to the Spirit. Yesterday I found out Bruce R. McKonkie’s grandson is here at the MTC. It’s pretty cool.



   Today was Sunday. It is great to get a nap in. It helped me pay attention during the Fireside. It was Great! Sheri Dew came and talked about being a greater follower of righteousness and gain a greater knowledge. One thing she challenged us to do is ask the Lord how He feels about us and ask for help. I am going to take that challenge. She said he will answer our prayer and really tell us how we feel.


   Yesterday Hermana Lucero told us that she was kind of disappointed in us. It think it was a wake-up call because our week last week was a bad week, so we decided to step it up and it worked. We taught a lesson to a companionship and it was awesome. Richard C. Edgeley of the Presiding Bishopric came and spoke in the Devotional. He was amazing.


   Today we found out that we get to go on companion exchange tomorrow with the other District. My new companion will be Elder Olsen. All I know is that he plays ball. We will see how it goes.


   So today we had an exchange and it was pretty cool. Elder Olsen was a good teacher. I went to the T.E. with him and we did well. He taught the first lesson in Spanish. I didn’t say anything, but it was cool. I understood pretty much the whole thing. We taught in the T.E. after the exchange was over and our teacher helped us a ton. I think the TRC will go a lot smoother because we have really prepared for it.


   So this week has been all about planning. It has really made a difference. I think this next week will be by far better than any week here. Our TRC went well, but I think I can seriously be and do better. I’m pretty excited for next week. We are going to waste zero time and should get so much done. Oh yesterday I asked Hermana Lucero “Como se dice Will you marry me? En Espanol?” She told me and I said Si! Si! Si! Claro que si! Yo animo! It was hilarious I’ll thank Elder Fasett for that one. I am going to pray more to have a conformation of truthfulness so I can truly be converted.


   Today was Sunday already. It was a slow day for the most part. I had to pray for the first time in Spanish in Sacrament Meeting. We as a District had to sing in Sacrament Meeting and it was horrible! They probably will never ask us to sing again if they know what’s good for them. The fireside was by Stephen Allen. It was really good. He talked about things we’re grateful for. One of our District goals is to write down 20 things a day we are grateful for this week. It is a good idea. Elder Wells is now our District Leader. He has an awesome testimony and really wants to change our district’s rep. I’m excited for next week.


   Today was the first time to see if our planning got better. It totally worked. We got way more done today than usual. But there is always room for improvement. We actually had a very successful SYL today during lunch and breakfast. Hermano West was our teacher because Hermano Anderson is gone for Thanksgiving, but he is a really good teacher of Spanish. In LST we found out how to pray, I mean teach others how to pray. I plan on learning 60 words tomorrow as part of stretching myself. The Devotional tomorrow might be by someone really important. I’m grateful to be out here on a mission. I’m loving the gospel more and more each day.


   Tuesday Devotional tonight was amazing. To our surprise Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke. The moment he entered the room I felt his spirit. It was one of the most amazing things ever.


   Happy Thanksgiving! We had a devotional in the morning, and we were lucky enough to have Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speak to us. And just like Elder Oaks, he entered with a really strong spirit. I just love how straightforward he is and he was hilarious. I couldn’t stop writing notes, it was just amazing. We also had the opportunity to do a humanitarian project, which was good. A holiday is just really weird at the MTC because you have free time. I wasn’t really used to that. Overall, an amazing, spiritual day.


   Today was our TRC and we did really well. The only thing I think that we needed to do was shorten our lesson, because we only got about halfway through. But other than that, it was our best lesson. Because of Thanksgiving we just taught the younger District and they were pretty clueless. It took some pressure off us, though and it worked out really well. Our halfway point is tomorrow, and we teach our first lesson in Spanish on Tuesday. We haven’t really started, but I can’t wait ‘til we get to start. I think I will learn so much more just focusing 100% on the language.


   Happy anniversary! It is out one month anniversary. It was also the BYU/Utah game, and I still don’t know who won. We watched Elder Bednar’s talk he gave here in June. It was about if it is the Spirit or you. He said don’t worry about it. Every good thought comes from God.


   Well, today was kind of an off day for me. I couldn’t say anything at all in Spanish. We started speaking and teaching in Spanish for our T.E. tomorrow, where we get to teach lesson 1. I love my District.


Volz (Behold in Russian) It is December already. We taught Spanish in the T.E. It was crazy! We did alright, though. It needs work. Christmas is everywhere with lights and songs. It’s cool.


   So today we taught our first lesson in Spanish. I was extremely nervous at first, but then I felt a really peaceful, calming feeling that I know was the Spirit. I spoke the best Spanish I have ever spoken since I have been here. The Lord blessed me with the gift of tongues today. My comps wanted me to stop talking. It was cool!





   Well today was a pretty good day. We learned a lot about pronunciation. It helped out mucho. Today in the scriptures I learned about faith. It was exactly what I needed, but I really need more faith to receive the gifts I need in this work. I have seen it and I need it more. When we were doing tall, other Elders were doing R.C. One of them received a phone call from a man who spoke little English. They gave the phone to me, but I didn’t understand. They went and got some Hermanas who could. One of them said “Why couldn’t you understand?” “With faith you could have understood. Just rely on the Lord.” She was completely right. It is my new goal to pray for the faith I need to do this week.


   Hola! Hoy fue bien. Ensenamos con el Espiritu en nuestro T.C. en espanol. Fue muy animo entonces Elder Livsey es en quarantine. Elder Pinter has surgery, y Elder Wells fue enfermo entonces nuestro Districto es muy pequeno. The devotional was great. It was Claudio Costa. He was really good and talked about being animo and have the Spirit with us always. Our T.E. was awesome and really invited the Spirit. The best lesson so far, I think.

TRANSLATION: Hi. Today was good. We taught with the Spirit in our T.C. in Spanish. It was very good. So, Elder Livsey is in quarantine. Elder Pinter has surgery and Elder Wells was sick, so our District is very small.


   Today our District had the opportunity to exercise our priesthood. Elder Pinter and Elder Wells needed blessings. I had the opportunity to anoint the oil and it was really cool. Also we had the opportunity to do sealings acting as proxys today. It was an awesome experience. I learned a lot more about the sacred temple work. I love the opportunity we have every week to go to the temple, and I know they are the house of the Lord.


   Today I found out that I am officially going to be Elder Goytia’s companion until Elder Livsey gets back from quarantine. It’s crazy. I’ve already had four companions. We taught in the T.E. It went well. In the R.C. I spoke to an old lady named Dorthy for 20 minutes. It was awesome. I told her I’d call her back. She was Catholic and had a visit from the missionaries, and she really enjoyed it a lot. The missionaries are going back after the Holidays. I hope she continues to feel the Spirit.


   Well today was our TRC and my first lesson with Elder Goytia and it went really well. He speaks amazing Spanish and it helped a lot in the lesson. My Spanish was really shaky, but I got through it and it really seemed like they felt the Spirit. Our lesson was far from perfect, but it all depends on if they felt the Spirit or not, so I think this lesson was successful. It is really great having Elder Goytia as a companion. I am truly blessed. The Lord works in mysterious ways.


   Well my District is sick again. Elder Livsey got out of quarantine yesterday but wasn’t feeling well again. Elder Pinter and Elder Chase were also feeling sick. More interesting news. I will probably have another companero tomorrow. Elder Thomas de el Viejo Districto no tiene una visa. Entonces, estare su companero hasta el recibe una visa. Eso hale cinco companeros at el CCM. Esta bien. Lo me encanta. Esta experiencia ayudarme progresar

TRANSLATION: Elder Thomas from the Old District hasn’t received his visa, so I will be his companion until his visa comes. This will make five companions I’ve had at the MTC. That’s all right. I love it. This experience will help me progress.


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