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September 10, 2011

   Man, we are working with some pretty legit families right now. First, we have the Lizca family. She was a referral from other missionaries. She is pretty legit and she has a 9 year old who is in love with me. She said she would be coming to Church tomorrow. Next we have the Canizalez family. They are a couple with 5 girls. Two of them are above 8. The husband is pretty closed, and isn’t ready to change right now. The wife is a lot more open and willing to act. Hopefully they will come to Church tomorrow. We had a great lesson with them where we had them all say a prayer asking if they should be baptized. Sister Sanchez was with us and bore a super powerful testimony. The Spirit was pounding in the lesson and Sister Canizalez recognized it as a peaceful feeling. She still has a few doubts, but she is willing to learn more. We also had a lesson today where we had a prayer with Yessy and Yobely. Yessy was having some doubts about some feminist thing, so we had them strengthen their testimony of the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was super strong, and I think we all increased our testimonies a lot more. I’m excited for game day tomorrow and pray that all of these new investigators can attend and have a great experience at Church. I have much more excitement for the work right now and I really don’t want to leave here. The Book of Mormon is true!


September 12, 2011

   Today was P-Day. I found out that Simi is getting married to Courtney McAfee! Freakin’ crazy! Also that McKell is seriously dating somebody. I guess love is in the air right now. All of our appointments fell through tonight, but we did get the chance to talk to Luz. She straight up told us that she was going back to her old church. It is always a battle with her back to church. We had told her to honestly tell us why she went back to her old church, and she said it was because the Bishop wasn’t very loving about the situation when Victor and Fernanda were getting married. We told her to go talk to him about it so the Bishop will better understand how to help them. Hopefully the Bishop will straighten everything out and Luz will start coming back to Church.


September 17, 2011

   Today we found out about transfers! I am going to simply be a Sr. Comp is Weslaco with Elder Walker. I’m pretty excited to be back to the District for the third time. I am going to try and whip that area into shape and get some more baptisms before I go home. I’m sad to leave, because the work is doing really well here in Alton. Today we had a sweet lesson with Krystal, and she accepted a BD for the 23rd. My comp just pooped his pants. Yobely and Yessy were sad to hear I was going. Yobely got ties made for us with our names on them. Apparently there are more gifts to come on Monday night. Felicitas, her daughter, Maiwez, Doroteo, and Bladys, and the Canizalez’s should all be at Church tomorrow. Last night we had the Noche Mexicana in the Spanish Ward. And it was pretty cool. Man, I will really miss Alton a lot. I have a ton of great memories here. Tomorrow is Stake Conference, so I should be able to say goodbye to everyone. Luz told us again that she is going back to her old church. She said that the Bishop wasn’t very supportive of Victor and Fernanda getting married. They have a date for Oct. 14, or something. Hopefully Luz and the Bishop can talk about it and she can start coming back to Church. Oh well, Weslaco here I come!

Saying farewell to Elder Strong & Elder Lake



Elder Strong & Elder Walker


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