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October 9, 2011

   Today we had a pretty successful end to our week. Last week was terrible for us numbers wise, but this week we did way better. The Familia Nunez came to Church, all five of them. I didn’t get to talk to them, but I hope they had a good experience and will keep coming. Maria Valencia also came and we found out she has a friend in the Spanish Ward, so now we can get a solid fellowshipper for her. So far things in the area are doing much better and we’ll continue to work hard to see even more success.

October 10, 2011

Dear Parents

Things are going well in Weslaco. This past week we saw more success than in the last two weeks combined. We found a family of five that came to church on Sunday so we are very excited for them. I have been sick for the last couple of days with a cold. It never helps when you are always riding a bike. It isn't even cold down here at all. It is still in the 90's most days but I still found a way to get a cold. I've been taking a lot of Nyquil and cough drops so it has helped.

So I will be speaking on the 11th? Sounds good to me. What is the High Council report? Do I just tell them how my mission went? Well we have interviews tomorrow and it is my last one before the exit interview so I think it will be kept very short as usual. I sent a package home this week and it just has sweaters and stuff that I won't need so I can make room in my luggage. I will probably send another package next month full of ties and more clothing I won't need. So you don't have to open them. Anyway thanks for the letter and we will talk to you next week.


Elder Strong

October 16, 2011

   Today was Sunday and we had a pretty sorry performance for Gameday. Our only ray of sunshine was Ariel, who came to the Weslaco Ward. The Lyle girl took really good care of her and she seemed like she had a good time. She hasn’t smoked weed since Tuesday and is doing very well. The Nunez family couldn’t make it because Carla is now working on Sunday. Maria was MIA all week, so hopefully all is well with her. We set two new BD’s tonight with the Cruz daughters (P.M. family). We just need to reactivate Sis Cruz and it should be good. Hopefully next week will be a bit better for us and we can get some more people to Church.

October 17, 2011

Dear Family

It was good to hear from you. It is sad to hear that the NBA is still in a lockout. I've decided I will stay on the mission until the lockout is over! Haha. Just kidding. Things are going well here. We are working really hard to find some investigators and get them to church. We should be having a baptism on Sunday. We just helped her stop smoking weed some she can be baptized. She is doing great and we are really excited for her. This week is the week where we set BD's for the last week that I am here so it should be a big one. Right now we are just trying to get the trust of the members again. Some missionaries in this area before me weren't the best examples to the ward so we are trying to fix it. The problem is that we have like 70% of the members in the wards in our area and it is hard to go by all of them. The members seem to be doing better and they are starting to give us referrals. We found a part member family yesterday and set dates to be baptized for them so hopefully the ward helps out with that. We tell everyone hi for me and have a great week! Love you mucho

Elder Strong

October 19, 2011

   Yesterday we had a lot of good opportunities set up but most of them didn’t come to pass. We keep busy and had a lesson with Apulinar. He is doing OK but we will have to see if he comes to Church this Sunday. We also talked with Janette and the Family Nunez. It was awkward because it was just the kids. I don’t think Elder Walker and I were on the same page either. We had them pray about a date and they didn’t receive answers. We just need to work with them a little more and talk to Carla to get her on board. We did meet a couple named Juan and Cindy. They are really busy, but they are a cool family. Things are going OK here, but I feel like things are on the rise.

October 24, 2011

   This week started off rough, but we ended pretty well. We started doing 3 hour goals on Saturday just like in Brownsville Days, and it kind of worked. We were way more connected to our goals and had a busy day. I think it all paid off, because we had a great turn out for Gameday. Ariel came and interviewed. She has to talk to President Trayner for a question 4 problem, but other than that, she is good to go. She also brought her step-sister, Kassandra, to Church. Next, Ashley and Maria came with Sis. Cruz. Sis Cruz was sharing her testimony in Gospel Principles, and it was awesome! I think they really enjoyed Church. In Spanish Ward, the Longorias came, and Danny brought his girlfriend, Grace. Juan Villarreal came after teaching him on Saturday. So we had a very successful week at Church. We just need to keep working with them, and keep them coming.

October 31, 2011

   Happy Halloween! Man, this last week was pretty decent, but it didn’t feel like it. We started teaching the Herrerra Family. It is a part-member family. The Dad and one of the daughters are not members so we set BD’s with them. They didn’t come to Church today, so there was a little discouragement, but we will do a better job getting them to Church. Ashley and Maria couldn’t come because they went to Mexico to do good deeds. Ariel was very late. She had her phone on silent, but we went to her house after Sacrament Meeting, and her and Kassandra made it to the last hour, and stayed for the baptism. Ariel said she was going to cry at her baptism next week. Sweet! So today we are having a Celestial P-Day, and the best part is that Bro. Longoria is taking us to the Outlets and he is going to buy me some new shoes! I’m super stoked for it! He has been coming to Church again, so they are doing really well. There is a Halloween Party today in the English Ward and we might go to the Grindstaff’s after. It is going to be a great day!

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