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October 31, 2011

Dear Parents

Willard's funeral sounded impressive! What do I have to do to get one like that? Haha. Things are going very well for us in the area. It is looking like we should baptize in every weekend before I leave, if everything goes to plan. We are working with a ton of awesome people and they are progressing very well. At church I had some surprises. I walked into the English ward and found out that I needed to share a few words in sacrament meeting. Before Spanish ward I found out that the district leader and I were to teach in the combined Priesthood/Relief Society Meeting. I was so nervous because I couldn't think of what to talk about but it turned out really well. We talked about Preach My Gospel and how to better use it in the home. I was really glad when it was over

As of right now I know nothing about the times of when I am going home. You should call the mission office. They haven't told me anything yet. Well that is all for me, have a great week and I love you!

Elder Fuerte


November 1, 2011

   Yesterday was the best Halloween on the Mission. Bro. Longoria took us to the Outlets. He got himself and Elder Walker a pair of shoes, and got me two pair! It was buy 3 get the 4th pair free. Then he fed us and got us candy apples. He is a very charitable man, and helps a lot of people out. It was one of the nicest things anyone has done for me on my mission. Next, we watched a movie called 17 Miracles, about the Willey & Martin handcart company. It was a cool movie. We then went to the Halloween Trunk-or-treat… it sucked! Ashley, Maria and Kassandra and Ariel went, but it was a bust. Then we went home and relaxed a bit. All in all a good day. Today Elder Harris got here. He is from Alabama. He should fit in pretty well. I’m excited for these last 3 weeks


November 3, 2011

   So far the threesome has been a little difficult. I sleep on the couch cushions on the floor, so nights have been a little rough. Teaching in a threesome is really hard to do, because I feel I talk way too much. It is getting a bit better each day. We have ourselves very busy with the work and have been working harder than ever. Finding is still something we are struggling with. Things will start picking up, though. Ariel is more than ready for her baptism on Sunday. She had a big temptation to smoke the other day, but she overcame it and is excited. Ashley and Maria aren’t progressing as smoothly as we had hoped. Ashley seems scared to go through with it, and Mama Bear is never present at the lessons. Maria Valencia is doing great and is ready for the 20th of November. The Lord has been good to me in this last transfer and a half. Now I need to do my part to give back and make sure these people we have, get baptized.


November 5, 2011

   Today was a busy day. First we went to Mercedes to unload the truck. We did it in an hour, which was a record for me and this was the 7th time that I’ve done it. After that we helped Bro. V move some couches and he took us to El Pato after. We then found our only new investigator this week. After that we had a lesson with Ariel and Kassandra. It was good and after this week we are going to focus on Kassandra and invite her to be baptized too. We had a lesson with Maria and she is now prepared for her interview for baptism. Ashley hasn’t been there for the last three lessons, so she isn’t ready for it yet. We visited the Nunez family again. We taught about how to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I think for the first time Julian realized he needed to be baptized again but we can’t do anything if we don’t talk to his Mom. We should have a good day tomorrow at Church and have a lot of people there.


November 6, 2011

   Today was Gameday and Ariel’s baptism. Her and her family came early to Church and stayed for the whole 3 hours and the baptism. Maria also came and got interviewed. But her Mom and Ashley didn’t come. Ariel was really excited, even though we forgot to tell her to bring a towel and a change of underwear. James Lyle did the baptism and it was pretty awkward because he had forgotten how to do a baptism, but it went well. Ariel cried after and bore her testimony about how she knew this Church was true. It was cool. The Lyle’s have done so much to help with Ariel and I know that they will support her. Then during the Spanish Ward, Danny Longoria brought his girlfriend, grace, and we taught her. We didn’t want to rush her, but towards the end of the lesson, I got a prompting to invite her to be baptized. She had a big smile on her face, and said yes. Later we went to Danny’s house and he said that when I invited her, she said I had read her mind. It was awesome! I feel so good to hear that. I also bore my testimony in the Spanish Ward for the last time. I love being on a mission!

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