Sunday, September 29, 2013

May 28, 2011

   Man we have struggled this week in finding new people. It seems like we do a lot of finding activities (knocking doors) and nothing seems to come from it. Yesterday we rode bikes all day. It was super hot, but it was fun. Luz and Fernanda are doing better. Luz dropped a bombshell on us Wednesday. She had been looking at anti-Mormon sites on the internet. We answered all of her doubts, but she still had questions about Joseph Smith. Yesterday, I think, we resolved her doubts. She said she was lista for her baptism on Sunday. Her Pastor visited her at her work, and they are going to have a talk at his house. I hope nothing bad happens there, and she still has desires to be baptized tomorrow. Yessy is also doing well and is overcoming the doubts of her family. She is getting baptized on the 19th of June.

May 29, 2011

   We got burned! We did some more service for Azeneth to set up for her daughter’s party. We cleared some junk from the yard to make space. There was a nasty box full of old soggy papers. It was really heavy, so we had to move the nasty paper to another box. We found huge cucarachas and a frog in there. While we were doing that, Azeneth’s dog got run over by a car. They buried it in the back yard. We were on bikes until about six, which added to our already sunburned faces. We found a cool couple, but they are super busy and we’ll see them in two weeks. Luz and Fernanda are getting baptized today. We have a sweet program for them and it will be an awesome experience for them.

Luz, Elder Strong, Fernanda, & Elder Low

May 30, 2011

Yesterday Luz and Fernanda got baptized. It was an awesome baptismal service. They brought Luz’s Mom and Alfredo stayed to watch. During the testimony part, Ana bore her testimony and it was super powerful. Yessy was also at Church and had a really good time. She has a less-active friend who is now going because of Yessy, so it is pretty cool. It was a stressful, busy day but you gotta love Sundays.

P-Day Basketball

The Eye Incident

June 2, 2011

   Well on Monday I had a little scare. We were playing basketball and Elder Low accidentally poked me in the eye. I was bleeding a little and could barely open my right eye. The Instant Care was closed because of Memorial Day, so we went to the Mission Home. President and Sister Trayner took care of me and it was pretty cool. My eye is doing a lot better now but it still hurts every once in a while. We are now teaching Yesse’s twin sister, Yobely. They are both legit. Crying definitely runs in the family. They are both super excited to be baptized on the 19th. Alfredo is also doing well for the 19th, so that should be a good day.

June 3, 2011

   This week has been really good for finding new investigators. We have found some cool people, so hopefully we can get them to progress. I went on exchanges with Elder Cluff on Thursday. He is definitely an older missionary with a lot of experience, but he is a little trunkie at this point. While on exchanges we had a great lesson with one of their investigators named Carlos. We taught to his need and everything, but his heart just wasn’t open. We also had a good lesson today with the Quintanilla’s with Sister Solis. She taught them about the Sabbath Day and it was definitely what they needed.

June 6, 2011

Dearest Parents

This week was very good for us. We had a great week in church and the twins came. They loved it and are super excited to get baptized on the 19th. One of them doesn't have any Word of Wisdom or Law of Chastity which is a miracle in South Texas. We also have this guy who will get baptized the 19th too who came an hour early to church and is super excited for his baptism too. My eye is doing much better too. I put contacts back in for the first time since it happened today and it feels normal. I played basketball again of course so I would say I am back to full health. Where is Brevin Knight from? Is Deric Williams a guard like Deron Williams? That is awesome that the neighbors are Hispanic! Do they speak English? Are they members? Things are very well here. I get fed way too much but it doesn't matter because I do gain a pound. Hope all is well for you all. Love you!

Elder Strong

PS thanks for the package! The applesauce is amazing (as usual). I am trying to eat it slowly so it lasts longer but it doesn't work very well.

June 7, 2011

   Today was a busy day. First, we had to drive to Rio Grande and have a comp study with Elder Ginez & Pallo. After that we went to their District Meeting. After that we went on exchanges with Elder Brown. We had a pretty good day and hit all of our goals. Elder Brown is a good missionary and has great potential. We have been talking a lot about hitting our goals. It is something I want to personally want to work on better because I know it is a skill that will help me greatly in the future. Always have a goal.

June 8, 2011

   Today was full of ups and downs. Up: we started the day off talking to as less-active member and her sister. We are helping the member regain a testimony so her sister will want to join in. Up: We taught a former named Samara. Only thing is she refuses to pray, but we will try to fix that tomorrow. Down: Our appointments on 2, 3, 4, & 5 all fell through, so we just contacted pretty much that entire time. We had dinner at Yessy & Yobely’s. It was good. Yobely asked me to marry her as she gave me a ring pop. It was awkward, but she is just weird like that. They are both ready for their baptisms on the 19th and we are super excited for them. We had a great lesson with the Dominguez family. The daughter said she felt “like there is a glow around my heart and it makes me feel good.” They are all so prepared.

June 9, 2011

   Today I was on exchanges with Elder Hutchings here in Alton. We had some really good lessons with our BD’s. We went over the interview questions with the twins, and they are good to go. They have invited a bunch of their friends to their baptism and are super excited for it. We also had a Church tour with the Dominguez family. Jesus wasn’t able to attend, but Claudia and Iliana went. Some members were there and bore awesome testimonies to them and were very friendly. The Spirit was really strong as we talked about the sacrament, and they are excited to come to Church this week.


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