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August 8, 2011

   Today was the last P-Day before transfers and there was some pretty good ball played before everyone leaves. Yesterday at Church we had 10 people there! The twins brought two of their friends, Javi and Willy! Willy even stayed for the third hour without the twins there, which was pretty cool. Sister Oliverez brought her husband who isn’t a member. The Canchua’s brought Andrew, who seemed to like it a lot. Then, in the Spanish Ward, Sis. Avalos brought a lady that lives with her. Sunday we were extremely blessed to see the great member missionaries bring their family and friends. Bro. Quintanilla got interviewed to see if he could baptize his children, and he passed. He is really excited to do it and I think that it is carrying over to his wife. Also, Ray got interviewed to see if he could receive the Priesthood. He has problems with alcohol, but if he stays clean, he will be able to get it a week before Billy’s baptism. There are a lot of exciting things going on in our area, and we are very grateful for it.

Elder Metcalf & Elder Strong


August 10, 2011

   Yesterday was transfer day. We had to go to McAllen like 4 times and two of them were for no reason. Our Zone got switched up a lot. We have three Greenies and three other new people, so hopefully we can get some fresh, new excitement in the Zone. Today we had a Zone Meeting that went pretty well. E. Ainsa was there, so we did the whole thing in Spanish, which was something new to me. We have a lesson tonight with the twins’ friend Javi. It was a great lesson and the Spirit was pulsating in the room. We set a date for the 11th of September, and he is willing to do what it takes to learn more. He told us that we were an answer to his prayers, but really he was an answer to our prayers. We are super excited for him, and so are the twins. They will be great fellowshippers for him. I am so proud of the twins and their progression and excitement for missionary work!


August 13, 2011

   Our Zone is on fire right now! We set a goal for 18 baptisms this month, and we are looking to get 20 for sure. The Quintanilla’s are getting baptized tomorrow. They passed their interviews on Thursday, and everyone is super excited for the baptisms. Billy is still outrageous Billy and is pretty much ready for an interview. It sounds like his Dad is still struggling not just with alcohol, but with drugs too. It is such a sad situation for the kids, but we are still getting them to become active again. We have seen a ton of blessings in the Zone and in our Area and I am really thankful for every last one of them.

Back Row: Elder Lake, Sister Quintanilla, Bro. Quintanilla, Elder Strong. Front Row: David Jr., Eryssa, Deedee, Ebenee, & Grandpa Quintanilla

August 15, 2011

   Yesterday was the Quintanilla’s baptism and it was a sweet one. Bro Quintanilla baptized Eryssa and Deedee and Grandpa Quintanilla baptized Ebenee. Bro. Quintanilla looked like a pro for his first baptisms. The whole family was super happy during the service and the Ward did an excellent job in participating in the service. David Jr. was crying because he wanted to get baptized too. That family is on fire right now and it will only be a matter of time before Sis. Quintanilla gets baptized too. Today was E. Austin’s last P-Day and I’m going to miss that Big Guy. B-Ball won’t be the same.


Elder Strong & Elder Austin

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