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Elder Low & Elder Strong & Eye Incident

May 7, 2011

   A ton has happened since I wrote in here. On Tuesday I got a call from Pres. Trayner. He told me I was going to be the Mission ZL and I was supposed to pack up and leave Thursday morning. So now I am in Alton with Elder Low. We came out together, and he is a super good missionary. I was sad to leave Donna because we had a lot of baptisms coming up, but we have a lot coming up here too. It is way different being a Zone Leader. I’m way more obedient.


May 19, 2011

   We had an awesome lesson a week ago with two sisters named Mary and Martha. Mary was stubborn and hard-hearted when we invited her to be baptized. Martha was willing to try it. We were with Elder Resendiz and he asked if we could go inside the house to say the prayer. Martha said a prayer and afterwards received an answer. The Spirit was very strong at that point. Martha was super happy. We invited Mary to say a prayer too, and when she was done she said she felt the same way. We testified that it was the Spirit. We were excited for them to come to Church, but they didn’t, so we were pretty bummed. On Sunday we had a baptism. Ana got baptized. She is so happy and it is so great to see her excitement. Raymundo was supposed to get baptized too, but he is still smoking marijuana and cigarettes. We are still going to try and help him out. Luz and Fernanda’s friend committed suicide a couple of days ago, so hopefully we can help her feel better. Things are going well and I am just trying to become a better teacher/missionary. Bye.


May 20, 2011

   Yesterday was decent. We had a lot of time to contact. Elder Low saw one house that he wanted to contact, so we did and found a cool new investigator. We also visited Fernanda, whose friend killed himself. She was really sad, so we tried to cheer her up. We got fed a ton yesterday! It was a lot of good food and I was super full after. We also taught Mercedes, who is learning very well. She accepted the Restoration, no problem. We have really high hopes for her.


May 23, 2011

Dearest Padres

That is great that Kiersti had her baby! She sent me some pictures and she is beautiful! So how is the draft class looking? Hopefully they can pick up some talented players to help the team out. I got a package this week from the ward and I loved it! It just had a bunch of candy and hygiene stuff so it was perfect. Some of the youth wrote in it too and Trevin was one of them. That is great that he is going to start going to church every week. How did you survive the "end of the world" on Saturday? Everybody was scared and kept asking us about it. This week was pretty good. We had like 6 people at church and 2 of them got interviewed to be baptized on the 29th. Our zone is on fire with baptisms! We are the top baptizing zone in the mission. I was supposed to baptize a girl from Donna yesterday but she decided to wait until June. On Saturdays we have to bike until 4, so we parked the car in the middle of our area and rode bikes. We did some service for a less active member and remembered how great it was to mow a lawn again (well technically it wasn't a lawn, it was weeds). The member's brother came and asked who we were. We told him the missionaries and he started thanking us for everything. Then he went to the store and bought us a bunch of groceries! It was awesome. Then he drove us back to our car. Well, that is about it. Oh and it is super hot! It is going to hit 100 this week. Well, have a great week! Love you

Elder Strong

Elder Strong & Elder Low Teaching

May 24, 2011

   We had a pretty good week at Church. Alfredo Flores came and loved it. Luz and Fernanda got interviewed to be baptized this Sunday. On Saturday everyone thought that the world was going to end. It didn’t. It was a biking day, so we parked the car off the side of the road and bikes. We went to Asneth’s to do service. We mowed and trimmed her yard. Her brother came and offered to buy us groceries. He got us a bunch of juice and hygiene stuff. Then he drove us to our car. It was awesome! When we pulled up to our car, cops were there checking it out. We got scared. Turns out that they thought it was suspicious. I’m glad to have a prophet who talks to God, so when the world ends, we will be prepared.

Elder Low & Elder Strong with B of M cake

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